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    May 2010: Wingate Gladiators


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    May 2010: Wingate Gladiators

    Post by Bumstead on Fri Dec 04, 2009 1:55 pm

    Wingate Gazette
    Mary Jane Pleasant

    Yesterday while I was kicking back chillin' to some Pink Floyd I got a page that the Wingate Gladiators were on the verge of a major trade. Sure enough, come game time the Gladiators had 3 new players in uniform. The Gladiators gave up their 1st and 2nd round draft picks in the upcoming amateur draft and in return picked up Sun Min, Tim Anderson, Mei Wang and the St. Louis Lions 5th round draft pick in the upcoming amateur draft. Min and Anderson both made their presence felt in their first game as Gladiators by going a combined 3 for 7 with 5 Rbi's and 5 runs scored and each hit a HR in the game to help Wingate defeat New Mexico by a score of 12-5.

    I sat down today with Jeff Palin the General Manager for the Gladiators to talk about the trade and how the team was progressing as they move into June:

    MJ: Well, I have to ask: How did this trade come about and can you tell me a bit about these players?
    JP: To be honest, I had heard that the Lions may be looking to trade off some veteran players so I called their GM and let him know that we were interested. I told him we had no intention of trading Yataro Kouki or Donald Black and that our #1 pick would be tough to trade as well. There was quite a bit of back and forth but eventually the Lions offered what we thought was too much to turn down for those two picks. I believe that this trade fits the current strategy of both teams. For us, we feel we have a shot at the playoffs and hopefully we can give Long Island a run at the division. The players:

    Sun Min: this guy is a powerhouse that can play 2B/3B/SS; he will fit in perfectly in the middle of our lineup.
    Tim Anderson: just a professional hitter who loves to play the game; he will play some SS and probably DH a little bit; he's also an excellent guy in the clubhouse; he really keeps the team focused.
    Mei Wang: a veteran pitcher that knows how to get the job done; he would be the closer on most teams; nice luxury to have two guys that can close if needed!

    MJ: Isn't this going to make it tough down the line with the farm system?
    JP: That's a fair point. Right now this team has a chance to win and I want to give this team that opportunity. We have several veterans on this team and I want to see them get their shot at the title if at all possible. This town deserves it as well with all the support they have given us. As for the farm system, we won't pick till the 4th round but I have confidence in our scouts that we will be able to find some guys that will help this team down the road.
    MJ: In May the team went 19-11 but still fell 2 more games behind Long Island.
    JP: Yep. What can you say about that? Long Island is playing great baseball right now and they are the defending champions. We have won 4 of 6 games heads-up and we were right on their tails early in May but they have been super hot lately. Don't forget Asheville, they are a tough team and they have a really good player that isn't too far from returning.
    MJ: So, who was the MVP of the team for May?
    JP: hmmm. That's a tough question, but I would probably have to say that Mel Wright has certainly performed at a very high level to this point. We sent him to AAA the first 3 weeks of the season and he lit it up down there with 7 HR's and good numbers across the board. We brought him up and he has maintained that pace up here as well. Very impressive.
    MJ: What about Dave Bruce?
    JP: He has played about as good as a player can play to be honest. Unfortunately he tweaked his knee and had to go on the DL. He should be back early next week and I hope he picks up right where he left off. He is huge for this team. As for the injury, no major damage and he will be ready to go when he's eligible to come off the DL.
    MJ: You say Dave Bruce is huge for this team but you just traded for a 3B, right?
    JP: Well, yes and no, Dave Bruce can play 3B and 1B and will be in the lineup almost everyday as long as he is healthy. Like I said before Min can also play 2B and SS.
    MJ: Where does that leave Se-tol Pak and Joseph Lewis?
    JP: Kinda tough on me today Mary Jane...both of those players are also important pieces of this team and we will work out where everybody plays. Pak is probably going to play more DH than he has been and Lewis will play 2B and 1B and hopefully we can keep him healthy. Before you hammer me about Mel Wright...Mel will continue to play everyday against right-handed pitching whether that is in the OF or at DH. We have more options now which will allow us to keep our players fresh so that we don't run out of gas down the stretch.
    MJ: Mr. Palin, I think that is all we have time for today. I look forward to hopefully seeing this team gel as the season progresses.
    JP: Thank you Mary Jane.
    MJ: Oh, one last question...are you still living with your parents?
    JP: haha...yes Mary Jane and my father is about to go out of his mind. I think if I put off building that house much longer he might just build it for me with his own two hands!

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