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    Jorge Roman out of the lineup


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    Jorge Roman out of the lineup Empty Jorge Roman out of the lineup

    Post by Jeff14131281 on Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:08 pm

    Who steps up on the Nationals roster to take his place? I think the outfielder McGregor is coming back soon from the injured list. Between him and the first basemen Jensen there needs to be some production. If only we can find 7 other guys to put the wood on the ball. Maybe I should take a look at the college and high school kids and dream about who will eventually step in to that lineup and take this franchise to the promised land so that guys can get rings on their fingers. Ain't goin to happen anytime soon. In addition, I probably won't ink contracts with anybody over the age of 30. Age discrimination is going to take place in Washington. Only the youth will be able to eventually sign and cash in with the stingy owner tight with the checkbook. Good luck with games tomorrow morning everybody. Take care and watch out for that snow storm.

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