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    Wingate Gladiators Clinch Playoff Spot!


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    Wingate Gladiators Clinch Playoff Spot!

    Post by Bumstead on Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:25 pm

    Wingate Gazette
    by Billy Hillfinder & Mary Jane Pleasant

    We stopped by the Wingate Gladiators office and chatted for a few moments with Jeff Palin, General Manager of the Gladiators:

    BH: Mr. Palin, congratulations on clinching a spot in the playoffs.
    JP: Thank you Billy. Mary Jane it's good to see you again. Did Billy take you to lunch like I told him to?
    MJ: Mr. Palin, it is nice to see you as well. Yes, Billy reluctantly took me to lunch on your dime. He's still annoyed about not being able to buy another dog though.
    JP: He'll get over it Mary Jane. It's just nice to see you so relaxed and working again.
    MJ: Thank you. What are your plans for the team the last 4 games of the season now that you have clinched a playoff birth. Do you plan to see if you can catch Long Island?
    JP: Well, Mary Jane, I have no doubt that Long Island will win 1 of its next 4 games. Having said that, we will try to get our pitching staff set up for the playoffs and give some guys some much needed rest. We really put a lot of effort out there to try to win the division.
    BH: What do you think Wingate's chances are once the playoffs begin?
    JP: Well, assuming we come out of the next 4 games healthy, I think we match up pretty well with the other playoff teams. Obviously the Gulls have the best record in the league, but we feel we can give them a run for their money should we come up against them.
    BH: What team do you think would give you the most problems?
    JP: I guess that would be whatever team we play in the first round because that will be the team we have to beat to get to the Sluggers League Championship Series. All these teams are tough.
    MJ: Who are some of the key players for Wingate in the playoffs?
    JP: Well, I think obviously the pitching will be key: Spike, Murray, Jimmy and whoever we go with in the 4th slot. Bruce sets the table for us, and then we rely on the big guys to drive in the runs: Sun, Berry, and Christensen. But don't discount Hemmenway or Wright as they both seem to be heating up.
    MJ: Tom Manning has really come on here of late.
    JP: Yes he has. It is too bad he got hurt so quickly after we signed him. He will play a big role in the playoffs. I gotta get back to work, but it was nice chatting with the 2 of you.

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