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    Playoffs Hit Gladiator Field - 10/8/2010


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    Playoffs Hit Gladiator Field - 10/8/2010

    Post by Bumstead on Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:41 pm

    By Mary Jane Pleasant
    Wingate Gazette

    Despite giving up only 1 run in 2 games, Wingate comes home tied 1-1 in the first round of the playoffs.

    Both pitchers pitched complete games in game 1 with Alameda walking away with a 1-0 victory.

    "I think our hitters were a little nervous that first game, but give credit to Jose Garcia. He's a very good pitcher and he kept us off-balance the entire game. Spike stepped up and pitched great, but it's just one of those games where it just doesn't come together," said Jeff Palin, General Manager, Wingate Gladiators.

    In game 2 Murray Clay allowed just 1 run through 7 1/3 innings and the Gladiators came away with a 9-1 victory. Tim Christensen and Se-tol Pak each hit a 3-run blast and Joseph Lewis added a solo shot. Christensen went out of the game late with an apparent injury.

    "I'm fine. I tweaked my ankle a bit there in the 8th making sure I beat the throw to 2nd. If the game had been close I would have stayed out there. I will be in the lineup tonight," said Christensen when asked about his injury.

    Spike Horn had this to say about the series, "Hey, us pitchers have to go out there and pitch our a$$es off and rely on our hitters to get us enough runs. We have as good an offense as anyone in this league and it will be tough for any pitching staff to shut us down consistently."

    I asked Mr. Palin what he thought about what Spike had to say and what he thought the key to winning the series was, "well, Mary Jane, Spike is the leader on this team and he's going to keep this team motivated. He leads by example and then he builds this team up by encouraging them to perform the way he knows that they can. Spike will make an excellent Manager sometime down the road in my opinion. From my perspective, the starting pitching is the key to this series and every series we play. If the starters perform well, it gives our hitters confidence. The whole team seems to feed off how well the starters do."

    There are still a few seats left, so come out to the park tonight. Let's show our Gladiator pride by filling the place up. Everyone wear their orange!

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