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    Gladiator Media Guide - MVP and Pitcher of Year announced among other tidbits-Part 1


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    Gladiator Media Guide - MVP and Pitcher of Year announced among other tidbits-Part 1

    Post by Bumstead on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:41 pm

    Wingate Gladiators MVP - Tim Christensen
    Key Stats - .312 avg., .975 OPS, 31 HR's, 30 SB's, 102 walks, 108 RBI's, and 108 runs. Jeff Palin's thoughts - I haven't taken the time to look and see how many other players in the AHIBA3 league had those kind of stats across the board, I know several players were better in other areas. You also have to remember that Tim can play anywhere in the OF and is a GG caliber LF when he plays there. There were a few guys who DH'd all year that had incredible stats but Tim performs at a high level in all facets of the game. The Wingate fans are getting to see a special player in Tim Christensen!

    Wingate Gladiators "Cy Young" - Spike Horn
    Key Stats - 19-8 record, 3.73 ERA, 229 IP in 32 starts, 1.36 WHIP, 159 K's, with only 16 HR's allowed.
    Jeff Palin's thoughts - This one was tough but Spike just really had a great season. I believe that if he doesn't get injured, which he will argue that he could have pitched through it, he wins the Pitcher of the Year for the league. He's such a great leader and to continue to pitch at this high a level at 35 is quite impressive.

    Wingate Gladiator Season
    Highlights - Record: 104-58, won the wildcard, lost 4 games to 1 in the first round of the playoffs to Alameda. Team OPS: .841 (2nd in SL), Team HR's: 241 (3rd), Team BB 680 (1st), runs 990 (2nd). Team ERA: 4.15 (4th), runs allowed 726 (2nd).
    Jeff Palin's thoughts - I believe that we had a tremendous season. I believe that we certainly performed at a higher level than the experts thought we would. We were able to make a few trades and we really gelled as a team during the 2nd half.
    JP's thoughts/expectations about 2011: well, I expect us to compete for the division title and I expect us to go further in the playoffs. What's going to make it tough is arbitration hitting a year early for most of these players. It is just going to make it hard to keep this team together. I understand the league is young but one has to wonder if the newer teams are going to face this number of arbitration cases in year 2 going forward? OK, OK, stepping off the soapbox. We have a solid team and I plan to try and keep it together and keep the team as competitive as possible.

    Player Profiles:
    Murray Clay, SP - 37 Starts, 231 IP, 3.97 ERA, 193 K's, 1.47 WHIP, 132 BB, only 7 HR's allowed! Jeff Palin's thoughts - Murray had a really good season and a great 2nd half. He is working to cut down on the walks, but he has so much movement that it is sometimes hard to control. He is a tremendous pitcher who should compete for Pitcher of the Year year-in and year-out for the next several years.

    Jimmy White, SP - 15 Starts (for Wingate), 3.88 ERA in 107 IP, 8-5 record, 1.25 WHIP. Jeff Palin's thoughts - Once Jimmy adjusted to his new team he really pitched well. He was really a key for us in the 2nd half of the season.

    Sun Min, 2B/3B - 102 games (for Wingate), .283 average, .976 OPS, 30 HR's and 95 RBI's. Jeff Palin's thoughts - Min is just a beast at the plate. He really had a great season and after the trade he just gave us a lot more opportunities to score runs.

    Ronald Berry, C - 144 games, .260 average, .822 OPS, 34 HR's and 113 RBI's (led team in both categories). Jeff Palin's thoughts - Ronnie was just a tremendous addition to the team. He gets so many big hits and he does a fine job behind the plate. If we can coax a few more walks from he, he could be a superstar player.

    Dave Bruce, 1B/3B - 141 games, .330 average, .460 OBP, .977 OPS, 121 runs, 19 HR's, 72 RBI's and 123 walks. Jeff Palin's thoughts - Bruce is a tremendous player. He had as good an offensive season as anyone on this team. He has to be one of the toughest outs in the league. Another special player that the Wingate fans just love!

    Felix Michaud, CF - 119 games, .286 average, .757 OPS, zero errors. Jeff Palin's thoughts - Felix was a huge surprise for us this season. He is one of the best fielding CF's in the league; and he was able to bat lead-off for us during part of the season. He did tale off a bit during the last couple of weeks but overall, he was a nice surprise and at the age of 21 hopefully there is room for his bat to further develop.

    Stanley Hemmenway, OF/DH - 117 games, .275 average, .882 OPS, 27 HR's and 25 SB's. Jeff Palin's thoughts - If Stan hadn't missed 4 weeks early in the season he probably would have been right there with Tim in the 30/30 category. Stan really came on at the end of the year and we expect great things from him going forward.

    Mel Wright, OF/DH - 120 games, .304 average, .936 OPS, 25 HR's and 87 RBI's. Jeff Palin's thoughts - We sent Mel to AAA the first 3 weeks of the season and he went down there and just hammered the ball. He continued hammering the ball after we brought him up. He struggled a bit the 2nd half of the season hitting only 5 HR's in his last 140 AB's but we expect him to build on this season next year.

    Min-jae Yi, CL - 62 games, 41 saves, 3.22 ERA. Jeff Palin's thoughts - Yi just gets the job done out there. When the game is on the line in 8th or 9th inning we just hand him the ball and he takes care of business.

    Se-tol Pak, 1B/DH - 155 games, .263 average, .798 OPS, 26 HR's and 90 RBI's. Jeff Palin's thoughts - Pak continues to be one of our most durable players. He certainly had an off-year compared to 2009 but he continued to be a threat to make pitchers pay when there were guys on base. We expect a bit of a come-back from Pak next season.

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