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    League rules


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    League rules Empty League rules

    Post by Rich on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:51 pm

    These can be found on the website under the General drop down- league rules. please check there for the latest version as this is only accurate up to the time it was posted. Changes will not be made here.

    Arbitration will be handled in game. Arbitration can be avoided by offering the player a contract before the arbitration meeting. Arbitration is offered after 3 years of service. 1 year of service equals 172 days. There are also sometimes players that will get arbitration at 2 years.Salary Cap
    The salary cap is set at 90 million. The commissioner may change the salary cap up or down to benefit the league. The cap is a hard cap and may only go over the cap briefly after a transaction. If a team goes over the cap, they will have 3 sims to get back under the cap or be fined by the commissioner. The fine will be 1 million dolars a sim up to a max of 4 sims. If the team is still over the cap, the teams highest paid players will be released until the team is under the cap again.

    Waivers set to 15 days (2 sims)

    Division winners plus wildcard

    We will sim 7 games at a time. Sims will be done Monday-Wed-Friday mornings. All exports are due 3AM that day.

    New GMS
    New GMs can join the league. If there is enough interest the AHIBA3 will expand and may even restructure. New GMs will be able to rename all teams, pick logos, and design all stadiums(next offseason). There will be no expansion draft, all new teams will be created with new players. New teams will miss the first amateur draft the year they are created but can participate in the free agent signing during the off season. After that they will participate normally.

    Current GMs
    You will be able to redesign your uniforms and change team names at anytime. Team cities will need to stay in place for history purposes unless approved by the commish. All stadiums can only be renamed or changed during the off season.

    Feeder Leagues
    AHIBA3 will be fed by 1 32 team college and 1 32 team high school feeder leagues. All players in the amateur draft will come from these leagues. So the future draft pools will already have stats and history to make it easier for GMs at draft time and overall more interesting. The feeder leagues are all fictional. They also will be 5 years instead of the traditional 4. This was done because the extra year helps the players develop better and produces more players so there is enough to fill our amateur draft each year.

    All teams start with 45,000 seats and stadium seating may be expanded in 1,000 seat increments (max 15Xs). You can purchase 1000 seats for 10 million dollars, with a maximum purchase of 2000 seats per offseason. The max stadium seating from this moment forward is 60,000.

    Increasing Market Size
    Ability to purchase market size increases. This process allows teams to grow market sizes similar to real life where teams brand their team names and players to create larger fan bases. Teams should ask what their current market size is before purchasing to know how much they have to spend to get an increase. Pricing will be as follows:
    Market size is a scale from 1-20 with 20 being the largest. A team would pay 2M times the current value in cash. Team A has current market size 11, they wish to purchase 1 market size, they must pay 2M times the current size (11) = 22M.
    Investing in market size does not guarantee that the increase will stay in effect if you can't keep people in your seats.

    Writing requirements:
    There aren't any participation points and you aren't required to do any write ups at this time. You are required to have fun and run your team your own way.

    Draft Pick Trading
    You are allowed to trade amateur draft picks 1-5. If it is before the All-star game, you can only trade the upcoming picks for the current years amateur draft. After the All-star beak, you may trade both upcoming picks 1-5 and the following years picks 1-5.

    Career Ending Injuries
    Career ending injuries will occur in the AHIBA league. But GMs will have a choice to to accept them or not. If you accept them, nothing is done. The player will retire at the end of the season. If you dispute them, you will need to notify the commissioner. The commissioner will uncheck the CEI box, and the player will be out a min of 12 months or the original injury time. Which ever is greater.

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