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    Cash Max reduction/state of the finances


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    Cash Max reduction/state of the finances Empty Cash Max reduction/state of the finances

    Post by Rich on Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:11 am

    This season the cash max will be reduced from 300 to 200. Originaly we had it at 100 mil but it was decided to raise the cash max in 2009. This was probaly a mistake. I'm going to slowly lower the cash max each season until we get back to 100 mil and see how things are going. We may lower it more to keep salaries in check. The effect on your team is if the cash max is 200 mil and your team has 220 mil. When the new season starts you will lose everything but the 20 mil. There is no use having all that money, it is useless and just causes other problems.

    Finances look better than last season. The cash max reduction will keep the league from having too much available cash and keep the greedy players from trying to get every penny. The new teams budgets for the expansion teams are around 100-110 million which is great as long as we can keep them there and keep the team profitable. Team budgets are important because you should never spend more than your budget or you will be at a loss for the season.

    The finances for the league on the whole seems to be getting better slowly. We will know more next season. But we have 32 teams. The budgets range from 80 mil to 84 mil to 184 mil. 2/3 of the league is between 84 mil and 120 which is good. Perfect would be all teams between 80-100 mill. We still need to get the top 10 teams down to 120 mil or under. I'll slowly try to tweak things while trying to keep everything on an even playing field.

    I am starting to think it may not be a good idea to allow teams to upgrade market size. It may throw things out of wack. But we will see as the league develops. It might be smarter to get the finances where we want them and then to leave as is. If a few teams increase there market sizes and revenue it may increase their budgets too and put us back to where we are. We really only need to make a little over 90 mill to be able to spend the entire cap.

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