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    Wingate: Recent Trade/Signings


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    Wingate: Recent Trade/Signings

    Post by Bumstead on Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:35 pm

    Wingate Gazette
    by: Mary Jane Pleasant

    MJ: Mr. Palin, I was hoping you had some time today to talk about your recent signing of Anthony Cook and the trade of Kouki.
    JP: Just a second Mary Jane...OK, OK offer him a 3rd year then! Sorry Mary Jane, the phone has been ringing off the hook the last few days...
    MJ: Who are you currently negotiating with?
    JP: Mostly my wife.
    MJ: Nice. No, I mean on the phone.
    JP: Mary Jane, you know I can't reveal such things. We are still working to do what we can to improve this team despite the cap cramping.
    MJ: So, why cut Ron James and then sign a guy for the same amount over 3 years?
    JP: Mary Jane, relax will ya? Sheesh, you come in here firing at me right off the bat?
    MJ: I'm sorry, I'm starving. Can you answer the question please?
    JP: Well, Mary Jane, we felt that Anthony Cook at 24 was a better pitcher at a younger age than Ron James was. We also feel that sometime down the line AC may turn into our closer.
    MJ: What about Yi?
    JP: Don't get me wrong, we love Min-Jae Yi but at some point he is going to retire and AC and maybe Oliver Case will hopefully be ready for the gig at that point.
    MJ: What was the thinking when Yataro Kouki, Kyle Nelms, and Bill Parsons were traded to Baltimore for David Marino?
    JP: Well, we think David Marino is an Ace-type pitcher; we feel we have 3-4 number 1/2 starters out of our 5 in the rotation now. I believe Kouki will get there as well, but I just felt that Wingate has a chance to compete for the title right now, so we are going after it.
    MJ: So, if Wingate doesn't win the World Series in the next 2 years will the trade of Kouki have been worth it?
    JP: I think so Mary Jane. You have to go after it when you have the opportunity. Right now I feel this team is as good as any team in the AHIBA3 league; so, we are going after it.
    MJ: You also traded Stanley Hemenway and Carlos Rivera for George Lewis. Tell us a little about that thinking as well.
    JP: George Lewis is going to bat lead off for us and is a tremendous contact hitter that plays above average defense at SS. I just couldn't pass that one up.
    MJ: Who takes Stanley's place? It's not like he was a slouch at the plate.
    JP: Mary Jane, you are feisty today. There are ways you can get relaxed you know?
    MJ: Can you just answer the question so I can go get something to eat?
    JP: Well, Stanley mostly DH'ed so Mel Wright will take his spot and Manning will play more in the OF at this point. We will see how things turn out as spring training approaches.
    MJ: Are there other free agents that Wingate is looking at or are you saving the cap space for during the season?
    JP: I can't answer that question directly at this point, but if we head into the season with our current team, I still think we are one of the teams to beat in the Sluggers League. We are always open to improving our team whether it is during the pre-season or during the season itself.
    MJ: Mr. Palin, I appreciate your time and look forward to our next chat.
    JP: Thank you Mary Jane, hopefully you can find something to take the edge off.

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