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    Team Meeting!


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    Team Meeting!

    Post by Bumstead on Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:00 pm

    Jeff Palin: Sit down everybody. Where's Pak? Spike, tell him to get his butt in here!
    JP: Nice of you to join us Pak...
    STP: Sorry Sir, I thought we were meeting in the dugout...
    JP: Really? Nevermind...OK guys, I want to talk about how the season is going or not going however you want to look at it. So far, we have played like crap and are 7-6 and I can tell you the owner is not happy! We have 17 friggin' errors in 14 games leading to at least 3 losses that our pitchers didn't deserve. Min, do you want to explain how somebody can make 4 errors at 1B in just 4 games?? I don't want to hear it! As a frame of reference, and I don't want to jinx him, but Felix Michaud has yet to make an error in 157 games at the AHIBA3 level, so don't hand me excuses. I don't expect perfection but spring training is where you work out the kinks, not now. I bought all of you new gloves, except Michaud; keep that glove as it is golden. And, what's up with the strikeouts? As a team we have struck out 77 times and only walked 38 times! Take out Bruce and the rest of you guys only have 26 walks in 14 games! What are you doing up there? I realize we are just 2 weeks into the season but c'mon don't lose control of the strike zone. I will tell you right now, if things don't start turning around some of you are going to find yourselves watching the games from the bench. We got guys on the bench that would be starting on most these teams in my opinion.
    Spike Horn: Boss, we have gotten off to a slow start but I know we can turn this around. The pitching has come around lately and these guys will start hitting and we will come roaring back.
    JP: Well Spike, we will see. The owner expects us to win and the rest of these teams are too good to give them a head start. Our division is tough, you can't give these guys games. Start catching the ball and throwing it to people on the field instead of the fans in the stands! We are practically selling out every game; these fans deserve better than this! This team is better than this!
    Tim Christensen: It's just a slow start, we'll get it together boss.
    JP: This week, it starts this week! Otherwise, people start watching! I'll see y'all on the field (door slams).
    Jimmy White: C'mon guys! We want to win just as bad as Mr. Palin does; let's get it done! After all, WE ARE GLADIATORS, we take on all comers including lions with our bare hands! See those bats lined up over there? Watch this! (JW kicks them and knocks them onto the floor) Now, the bats are awake baby!
    Spike Horn: Let's hit the field guys!

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