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    An Expansion Overview


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    An Expansion Overview Empty An Expansion Overview

    Post by joshua6021 on Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:25 am

    An Expansion Overview

    Now that the first season in club history is out of the way, the time to look into just how positive, or negative, this experience was for the city of Houston. With this in mind, the club is seen to have thrown all of its farm system into the big apple orchard leaving a huge void in the underbelly of the team. In addition, one might argue that some apples ripened earlier than others and some grew sour in process, but for now, let’s just stick to the baseball network we know as the WBC.
    Positive or negative
    In all sides of the mater, a firm stance on the positive end of this question is clear. The fans are staying loyal and the interest is at a firm point. In fact, sitting in the #14 spot in the AHIBA3 standings with the 10th best ticket sells, proves that the club is exceeding their first year’s expectations.
    In terms of player development, the club has opened the gates by turning what started out as being a world-class bullpen into a decent starting rotation. To begin with, Julio Hernandez, 30, debuted in the league posting 16 wins and a 2.54 ERA. Not bad for a number expected to be in the closing spot? Noah Hicken is another exception to the positive impact this club has had on its players. In 2009 he roosted in the Wingate farm system and put up less than creditable numbers; yet, given a shot by WBC mogul John Houser, he created decent numbers and a VORP of 31.
    Is there a future here in Houston? This goes without question. Given a few seasons and a properly developed farm system, GM John Houser should be able to create a solid development system which can produce solid numbers and stay at the top of the standings.

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