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    Offseason 2010


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    Offseason 2010 Empty Offseason 2010

    Post by Rich on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:43 pm

    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to go over the off season which will start right after the World series.

    1) Amateur Draft -Right after the World Series I will enter the 2010 amateur draft picks and end of year award (being voted for now in the utility). The game date for this is around 10/31/10.

    2) Arbitration - salary arbitration will begin during this time too. You have access to enter arbitration numbers. I'll try to remind you when I see this option appear. You will have until the hearing to offer arbitration, release, or extend your players. Remeber there is acap of 90 million. You cannot be over this for opening day. If you are, I will release the top paid players until you are back below the cap. Please take care of this before we hold up opening day. There are 10 new expansion teams and 6 from last year that have planty of money and cheap players to trade with.

    ** Because every player started with no history- pretty much every player who was on a major league roster on opening day in 2009 should be up for arbitration. So your first three arbitration classes will probaly be your biggest. The expansion teams from last year will experience this next season. The newest expansion teams in 2 season. This is good news for the poorer teams as you will have a lot of money to spend and a lot of talent available in the off season.

    3) Expansion teams - Some where in the first week or two in November 2010, the new teams and GMs will be entered into the game file. Then you guys can download and install the league file if you haven't already. There are two places where you can get this. Both you need to be signed into the AHIBA website.
    a) under user menu league file - You need to create a folder called AHIBA3.lg in your saved game folder of OOTP. Download and unzip the league file here. Make sure your folder you create has the .lg or OOTP won't see it. After this you should see the league when you try to open a saved game in OOTP. Let me know if you have any questions or problems.
    b) Under the General drop down - at the top of the main website page there is a dropdown menu called general. In there is access to the league backup file. You can grab this file and download and unzip it straight to your saved games folder in OOTP. You don't need to create a folder as this is an exact copy of the league. It may be behind but if you load online league in OOTP it will download the current file to bring you to the current game date.

    4) Independent league - I may also add an independent league or international league for the junk players to play in instead of rotting in the free agent pool. This will depend on how many junk platyers are out there. These will also be a source of some seasoned players. These league will be set up so the poorer players will go there to play and the stars come to the AHIBA league to make more money.

    5) Offseason/Free agency - After all the expansion teams are added and some new free agents created we will move in the winter meeting and off season. I was going to cut this down from last year but I may do it the same way as most of the teams will need to release, trade, or make moves to stay under the cap.

    6) Spring Training - will be broken into 3 sims. This will give you a chance to make a few lineup changes to try out different players, make a last minute trade, or a last minute adjustment.

    7) Opening Day - Opening day will be around 4/4/11. Depending on how smoothly the above goes- we should be starting the new season 1st or 2nd week of March.

    Please fell free to add anything or express concerns or question. Thanks for everyones patience!

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